We require our students to present a neat appearance at all times. This includes both hair and dress. Part of learning to dance is to present the proper appearance; this includes clothing that allows the teacher to see proper shape and placement of the body.  No large or dangling jewelry may be worn in class.

Students should not enter and leave the premises dressed only in leotard and tights. This is not proper. Please wear a “cover-up”.

Boys’ dress code –

White T or tank shirt, black tights or dance pants, dance belt any color, white socks, and white or black ballet shoes.  No belts, zippers or loops/buckles.
Boys’ hair should be neatly combed


Depending on the style, choreography and teacher, students may need different shoes, it is strongly suggested that students check with the teacher or wait until choreography style is decided to get new shoes.  In other words, if you can still wear last season’s shoes, DO!  Advanced levels may be required to have a pair of each. Be sure your dance sneakers are non-marking!

All dance classes – 

Hair– a neat appearance is expected at all times. A bun or similar hairstyle that is secure & will not fall out during class or swing into the face–no ponytails! Hair that is too short to put up must otherwise be secured off the face with an elastic headband. No baggy clothing, zippers, pockets etc.

NO Ballet skirts or leotard with any extraneous decorations— ruffles, attached skirts or tutus, sparkles etc.  We do not specify any one style of leotard. A dance class is not about who has the cutest or fanciest leotard.

Dress code for ALL dance classes

Girls- Leotards & tights traditional styles

No skirts except in ballroom class.

Select students are permitted to wear skirts and ribbons on their ballet shoes because they have reached a certain level determined by the director

 Boys- Fitted tank or T-shirt, dance pants

Hair must be worn in a bun with bangs sprayed off the face.

No loose/swinging ponytails.  Pre-ballet, acrobatics  & younger students may wear their hair in 2 braided ponytails looped or “bunned” (voila! Mickey Mouse ears!).
Color specifics for Ballet/Pre-Ballet—
Ballet Class-

Girls–black leotard, prima pink (classic ballet pink not baby pink) tights.

Boys – White T or tank shirt, black tights, dance belt (athletic supporter), white socks and white or black ballet shoes. Black oxford tap shoes.

Pre Ballet Class-

black, baby pink, baby blue or lilac leotard, prima pink (classic ballet pink not baby pink) tights
*Classic/prima pink tights pink ballet shoes – Capezio® Love or Daisy
The color “pink” refers to either “ballet pink” or “theatrical pink”.

Tiny Dancers (Tappers & Tumblers too!) & Combo –no color requirements, but preferred- baby pink, baby blue or lilac leotard, pink tights

Shoes – No Street shoes on the dance floors if you have dance sneakers, they must be worn only for dance, indoors and NON-MARKING. Shoe styles and colors for performance will be decided by your teacher and you will be required to have the proper shoes for performance.  Dance shoes should not be worn outside or as street shoes. Students should wear a cover-up outside the studio.

Proper clothing and shoes must be obtained prior to the start of classes. If you plan to purchase shoes please check with your teacher regarding proper style and fit. Dance shoes should not be worn outside or as street shoes. Students should wear a cover-up outside the studio.

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Warm-ups only during the warm up please!