We are so excited to be dancing together again!

Season 29!

At Cricket’s Performing Arts, it is our desire to develop the talents of our students and to cultivate an appreciation for all the fine arts, regardless if they are recreational or the more serious student. We focus on keeping class sizes small (under 10 students) to properly coach and instruct students on an individual level.  Our teachers come from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, making Cricket’s Performing Arts a diverse collective of expertise.


Calesta in the Window

The show was just incredible. It was our first year, as you know, so I didn’t know what to expect. It so far exceeded my expectations (which were high to begin with) and I just wanted it never to end. You (and your team) really have an amazing gift.


The little kids are adorable. I know how unpredictable they are. Every day for us right now seems to be a “journal” moment to record for laughs in the future. I had tears streaming down my face I was laughing so hard and so proud at the same time. The older girls are so lovely and talented. I look at them and think that it must seem like just yesterday to their parents when they were shaking maracas and dancing to Vamos. They are also very inspiring and sweet to the younger girls they lead. I was so impressed with the maturity, kindness and poise Miss Alyssa and Miss Harley have already. When you entrust your little ones to older girls, you hope and pray that they will be good role models and take their position seriously. Alyssa and Harley especially were blessings in that respect this year. It’s evident that dance at your studio (and the hard work of their parents, of course) is teaching them many important things beyond the basic skills. NL

I never knew how much my children would gain from dance class…Not only are they doing better in school but they are more confident,focused and respectful of others and the best part, they can’t wait to go to class!.

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