Ballet & Ballet Technique –

Ages 7 & up.  Technique class is a non-performance class. 1 ½ hrs

Pre-Pointe & PointeTechnique (Minimum 3 yrs ballet training and 10 years old) –
This class is a non-performance technique class, and is required to take if a dancer is in the Pointe/Ballet class

Students must take additional ballet classes in addition to this class. – 1st year Pre-pointe students must take 1 additional ballet lessons,       2nd year or more Pre-Pointe students must take a minimum of 2 ballet lessons plus pre-pointe/pointe classes per week to be evaluated for pointe work. Students must be technically ready to begin pointe work. For this reason, your teacher will determine whether you are ready to begin pointe work. Students that take time-off will be required 6 months pre- pointe work before dancing “en pointe”.

PointeTechnique  class is a non-performance technique class, and is required to take if a dancer is in the Pointe/Ballet class

We do not offer pointe classes to students who are not committed to taking at least two-three ballet classes per week in addition to their pointe class and have proper bone maturation in order to support the pointe technique. Also, students must be emotionally mature for pointe work (knowing there may be blood and blisters), sewing ribbons & elastics on their own shoes is something “real ballerinas” do themselves, NOT having mom or paying a service to do so.

There are schools that will place a student on pointe without any regard for the student’s technical and physical readiness. We do not.


1 Hour. Pre-Pointe/Technique  class is a non-performance technique class, and is required to take if a dancer is in the Pointe/Ballet class

Pre-Ballet l & II

Preparatory class for classical ballet.  Ages 6-8. 1 hour.

Mommy & Me Creative Movement  Creative Movement for parent and child in the terrific twos (and 3s!)  Lots of props–stuffed animals, instruments, parachute, tumbling mats–for the child who is not quite ready to leave mommy’s side, but would like the social interaction with other children.  30-40 min.

Teeny Tiny Combo Class:  Ballet and Tap In this class we focus on large motor skills, differentiating right and left, song and dance, working with others, prop work, tambourines, ribbon rings, bunnies, and instruments. Age 3 -5  1 hour.

Acrobatics Ages 6 & up.  This is a performing class focusing on strength, flexibility, and acrobatics such as rolls, cartwheels, backbends, and then progressing to tumbling passes. – (not a stand-alone class) students enrolling in this class should also be in Ballet, Jazz or Tap class.

Hair-For Acrobatics classes, hair is probably best in 2 side-ponytails & braided, or any style where hair will not be “lumpy on the head” yet off the face & neck.

Boys Only (Minimum 1 year in combination/intro to dance) Tap, Jazz and Acrobatics. Ages  7 &older.  1 hour.

Jazz, Theater Dance & Tap Ages  8 & up. Enrollment in ballet class is required.  1 hour.

What to wear—leotard & tights, any color, jazz & tap shoes vary—please consult with your teacher before purchasing

Suggested tap shoes –

Combo/Beginner–Revolution®  Mary Jane-style
Petite/Intermediate levels Bloch Showtapper
Boys–black oxford, full sole student tap tele-tone or Rayow taps

Hip Hop (Must have minimum 3 years jazz & ballet basics) –

Ages 8 & up.
Shoes – Jazz shoes or dance sneakers.  Please wear your dance sneakers only for class or performance.  Your sneakers must have non-marking soles. Hip hop dancers may wear shorts or sweats OVER their leotards & tights.  Particular style for performance will be determined

Contemporary, Lyrical & Modern –

A strong background and continuing education in jazz and ballet are required.  Ages 10 & up, by invitation. 1 hour
shoes—bare feet or “dance paws” for modern, or, ballet shoe or pedini/Grecian sandal for lyrical type of shoe, as choreography may dictate a different style.

Strength and Conditioning Classes –

For all students who wish to improve endurance, flexibility, and tone incorporated into this class—aerobics, Pilates and yoga fundamentals.
What to wear—comfortable no-constricting clothing—leotard & tights, or t-shirt & work-out pants

Private Lessons are also available