Cricket’s School for the Performing Arts Ballet Division Program is designed to provide students with the desire to focus on a higher level of ballet training. I hope to inspire a lasting love and appreciation for ballet through artistic excellence.

For ballet dancers to advance their technical level, they must enroll in multiple classes. The ability to improve their technique is directly related to the number of hours of study per week. Years of dancing Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, etc., does not mean a dancer will excel in ballet.

How does the Program Work?

Students in the ballet division are enrolled in a designated level (determined by Ms. Cricket) and will take mandatory ballet and conditioning classes as well as permission to take additional ballet classes at or below their level, thus accelerating improvement in technique. Elective classes are priced separately.

Is my Dancer Eligible?

To be eligible for the Ballet Division Program, the student must be at least 8 years old, continue summer studies and attend the Summer Ballet Intensive.

Each student who is accepted into the program:

  • Must take mandatory classes listed at their level AND Ballet Division company class If it conflicts with an elective class, Ballet Division classes take precedence.
    Take all classes at and below your level- Gold, Silver, or Bronze for a bundled price. Bundled pricing includes all ballet, conditioning & tech classes. You will be told what level you are eligible for.

Ballet Division pricing does not include elective classes such as —Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Musical Theater, or Acrobatics.

  • Bronze Level-$135: Ballet Division Class, a minimum of 2 Ballet classes plus Stretch & Strengthen.
  • Silver Level-$180: Ballet Division class, a minimum of 2 Ballet classes, Stretch & Strengthen, and Pointe tech***.
  • Gold Level-$230: Ballet Division class, a minimum of  2 Ballet Classes, Pointe*** Stretch & Strengthen, and Pointe Tech.

See Ms. Cricket for placement.
Elective classes are charged at “additional class rates” on top of the Ballet Division bundle

General Conditions

Dress Code

Students must wear a solid-colored leotard, tights, and proper footwear for the class that is being taught. Hair must be worn in a bun.


Dancers will perform with classes at their level. They will not perform in lower-level classes as we don’t want to steal the spotlight from the lower-level dancers.  The purpose of the Ballet Division Program is not to do more dances, but to dance at a higher caliber. There is a Ballet Division Company class where it is my goal to have a repertoire for performances.

A “perk” would be a discounted price for guest teacher classes (teachers/performers from Hershey or Fulton Theater, PA Renaissance Faire, etc.)

I want to prepare children for productive and creative lives through dance by offering extensive training and performance opportunities for talented children from all backgrounds.