Please call us if you have any questions. Our phone number is 717-664-4018

No food, gum, or drinks in the classrooms. Water is allowed.

No street shoes on the dance floors.  Please bring your dance shoes to class. Also, protect your dance shoes by only wearing them in the dance classroom. Some dancers have a spare pair to wear for outdoor performances. If you do wear your shoes for an outdoor performance, please clean them before returning to the studio floor.

There is no smoking anywhere in the studio.

Students should arrive at the studio with ample time to sign in, stretch, and prepare for their class.

Students and parents are responsible for checking bulletin boards and calendars frequently for important information, upcoming events, or programs. It is also recommended to sign up for our Remind notices where you will be texted important notices.

There will be a $15.00 charge for each class change after October 31st. Please refer to your class placement handout for your best-suited classes.

A principal focus in the art of dance is discipline. Proper respect, courtesy, and attention are expected. Parents are encouraged to discuss this rule with their children. Any child who disrupts class will be warned, and if the behavior continues the child will be asked to leave class.

There will be times when the teachers will employ hands-on adjusting corrections to the students for proper placement, muscle memory, etc.

Cricket’s reserves the right to close a class due to low enrollment. In the event this occurs, the student will be referred to a comparable class.


Previous experience does not automatically guarantee your level of placement. Students will be placed according to ability into the next level at the discretion of the instructor. The school director and teacher take into consideration not only age and ability but also the level of commitment, emotional maturity, and physical ability. Evaluation will take place on a monthly basis. Written evaluations will be given in January and June.


Students are expected and encouraged to attend class on a regular basis. Missed classes affect personal progress as well as class progress. Please try not to miss more than 4 classes during our dance year.

Please show consideration to your teacher and arrive on time. Anyone arriving late to class may be asked not to take the class, or to leave.

Please notify the studio In the event of an illness, in order for us to best determine a make-up schedule, also if you are going to be late it is essential the teacher knows, and it is also polite. You must notify the studio at least one hour prior to missing a class. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the opportunity of a make-up class.

Please keep in mind that you are paying to hold your place in a class, as well as for choreography in the June Show. If you need to miss class due to outside activities, sports, etc, you are still required to pay the full amount for tuition whether you attend or not.