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When you enroll your student in our programs you are contracting our studio for the entire performing arts season (September-June). We offer you our fees based upon this. Should you choose not to continue with classes, you will not receive a refund.

When you pay tuition, please keep in mind that you are paying to hold your place in a class, as well as for choreography in the June Show. If you need to miss class due to outside activities, sports, etc., you are still required to pay the full amount for tuition whether you attend or not. Think college tuition—the professor does not lower the price of his class because you were not there. However, you may make up the time to improve technique or learn what has been missed in a comparable class.

Payment in full is due in advance, according to payment method selected.

You have the option of paying tuition in one, two or 10 payments. The 10-payment-plan fee is due by the 1st of each month regardless of classes taken. A discount s given when tuition is paid on or before the 25th of prior month. Late fees accrue on the 2nd of the month.

Payments in full for the year should NOT be made and are not recommended, unless the parent or guardian is confident that the student will continue for the whole duration of the dance season.

There is no refund for missed classes, make-up classes are provided. There will be no refunds given for any student discontinuing classes. Please feel free to discuss with us any questions you have regarding payment policies.

Payments received after the 1st (on the 10 payment plan) of the month are subject to a $20.00 late charge. Students may not participate until payment is received in full.

Payments being mailed must be received at the studio no later than the 1st of the month to avoid late charges.

The studio address is:  1 North Main Street, Manheim PA 17545.

REGISTRATION FEE is a yearly fee — $30.00 per student, however, if the student takes classes year-round (missing no more than 4 consecutive weeks), you will not owe a registration fee.


You may withdraw from any or all classes at any time by giving written notice or drop class form– to the office no later than the 15th of the month. If written notice is not received by the 15th you are obligated to pay the next month’s tuition.